Costs for a private party are pretty straightforward, no hidden or additional fees. If you have 15 or more players it will cost $27.50 each. If you have under 15 players its $32.50 each with a minimum group charge being $200.  Cash discount brings this to $30/$25 each respectively.  Weekend groups under 15 may be combined together.  This will include everything you need to play for 3 hours, paintball gun, paintball mask, air tank and refills, and 500 paintballs per person. We also will supply one or more referees based on the size of your party to keep everyone having fun and staying safe.

The only additional cost you may have would be if you need more paintballs, most people do not unless they are trigger happy:). If you do need more paintballs it is $15 for an additional 500. You can bring extra money for pop or water or just bring your own. Included in the cost is use of a grill if you want to bring lunch and cookout we will have charcoal and tools, just bring the food.

There is a deposit required to reserve a time, however the deposit does not get charged except in the case of a no show.  Deposit is $200, this can be made via credit card or check and does not go towards your group since it’s not charged unless you don’t show up and you don’t call ahead to cancel.  Deposit may be charged for players who do not pay, players who bring in outside paint without disclosing this up front, theft, or damage to property.